An outpost for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate diversity, broad thinking, widely inspired ideas, and addressing issues globally.


By their very nature generalists tend not to congregate. Our interests are so many and so varied that it's almost counter-intuitive to try to gather us around a common theme. But it is indeed possible.

This community's goal is simply to define what it is to be a creative generalist and build a directory of sorts for those who specialize in everything.

Generalists, you're not alone. And you really should meet each other. Welcome.

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Oct 28

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Labeling doesn’t work for #Generalists


Generalists love to learn, all the time. Sometimes a topic, a subject might catch their curious eye and their attention is drawn to it for a month, a quarter, a year. After a while the attraction becomes much less and they start to look for new topics. Adaptation has a powerful impact on Generalists.

In the background they still keep on fuelling their curiosity and love for learning, so they never focus on just one topic only.


A Generalist has a growth…


Posted by Arnold Beekes on April 4, 2016 at 4:41am — 3 Comments

What are some of the interesting trends for 2014?


Besides some big sports events (Winter Olympics and World Football Championship), it is likely that we will see further disruptions at political, environmental and economical level.


Here is a small overview of areas, which will need your attention.



Always ON – Occasionally OFF

As, we are digitally connected at every time and every place; it becomes increasingly important to plan some time to ‘de-digitalize’. This…


Posted by Arnold Beekes on January 14, 2014 at 5:10am

Speed Mentoring – Creative Tool to Engage, Elicit and Empower

Mentoring – Creative Tool to Engage, Elicit and Empower

May 20, 2013

tags: mentee, mentor, mentoring,…

Posted by Hugh Anthony on May 20, 2013 at 11:13pm

Who wants to take action? Input from #innoideachat

#Innoideachat 040413


<Under each topic: the first responses are from Arnold Beekes, the +responses are from the community>


Society of Creative Generalists


-       The CeeGees



- T/Pi/I/Comb-shaped, polymath, versatalist, generalist, Renaissance man, jack-of-all-trades, GenFlux, wide…


Posted by Arnold Beekes on May 2, 2013 at 4:37am


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"Comprehensitivity", Specialization, and Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller (the genius, futurist, inventory) seemed to be convinced that people like us are critical to future of human civilization.  I think you would find my blog post with a collection of…Continue

Started by Nick Taber Feb 22.

What are your interests?And What is your overreaching theme? 4 Replies

(By the way I learned the term "Overreaching Theme" from this great generalist, her name is Emilie)…Continue

Tags: Sciences, Theme, Overreaching, Interests

Started by Arab Polymath. Last reply by Nick Taber Feb 22.

Strange Request? 2 Replies

Although I've been a creative generalist my entire life, i only recently learned that other people have as many interests as I do. A couple weeks ago I had a project idea. Before starting the…Continue

Tags: learn, projects, experience, story

Started by Tony Dalton. Last reply by Nick Taber Feb 22.

People tell me I can't be a generalist with deep understading of many things? Why not? 13 Replies

Did it ever happen to you that friends, colleagues, even strangers, tell you: "you can't know that much of many things and understand them so well, it is just not possible!"... This has happened to…Continue

Started by Francisco Perez. Last reply by Donald Bowman Jan 31.



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